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Chimney, Prefabricated Fireplace or Woodstove

You don’t have a chimney, fireplace, or wood stove, and you would love to improve your home with a self-efficient heat source to be independ from the electricity ? We got you ! 4 Seasons chimney sweeping use only the best kind of chimney available on the market. ICC excel is a local manufacturer that completely redefine the standard of chimney insulation. They out-stand the competition by far with product that are cover by a lifetime warranty, high temperature insulation that meet the highest standard of the industry, and the best stainless steel laser welding technology for the part assembly.

The wood stove is the most efficient wood heating source that have been so popular since the last decades. The combustion chamber is completely inside the room that is needing to be heated and this is the reason why it’s so efficient. Technology of burning was considerably improve in the last 20 years. The new generation of wood stove are more Eco-efficient, because like the exhaust for a car it’s burns his own emission of gas by not letting the flame and heat going directly in the chimney. They created a second combustion chamber just over the primary and this is helping to burn the gas emission and avoid heat lost to the outside.

The EPA slow combustion wood stove if correctly use will create less than 6 grams per hour of thin dust. Comparing with non EPA would be between 30 to 80 Grams per hour of thin dust.

We will be able to help you to choose from one brand and model that will accomodate you for your need. The best place for your new heating source will be study to improve the heat source radiation. If needed our designer could take an appointment to find out what kind of decoration and design your new installation could lead you to.

We are able to offer turnkey solution or just the technical installation of product to let you save a few bucks on what you can do by your self.

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