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Gutter Maintenance

Four Season’s Chimney sweeping offers gutter cleaning service.

In some situation, we will suggest a cleaning followed by the installation of gutters protector, in order to prevent the seasonal maintenance and the money investment related to it.

The Gutter Clean System is easy to install on existing metal gutters, regardless of the width, and is invisible from the ground, it prevents leaves, debris and ice to be stored in the gutters and clogging the eavestroughs. The Alu-Perf technology can receive and evacuate the worst precipitations, due to the Alu-Perf technology.

There are many advantages in adding Gutter Clean System d’Alu-Rex to your existing gutters as it eliminates:

  • Annual maintenance of your gutters
  • Standing water in your gutters , which reduces West Nile virus propagation caused by mosquitoes

The Alu-Rex product will also protects your residence against:

  • Rotten Fascia and Soffite: When a gutter is clogged, water overflows and infiltrates between the gutter and the fascia. After a while, the fascia will begin to rot and may even cause rotten soffite.
  • Fungal growth in the attic: Failure to clean the gutters in the fall, they will remain blocked all winter. At springtime water caused by melting snow and ice will not evacuate and can stagnate in the shingles. Water will eventually enter the attic and promote the growth of fungus.
  • Leaking ceiling: If the problem described above is not quickly corrected, the water in the attic may even drill down into the ceilings and fall down the interior walls. Mushrooms may then invade your home.
  • Foundation damaged by frost: Water caused by a poorly maintained gutter will not evacuate and will remain near the house foundation. The winter frost may cause serious damages and increase humidity in the basement.