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Commercial and Industrial Services

Belvedere of Tuscany

Pizza stove (FOR BAGEL OR PIZZA)

Industrial wood stoves require a particular attention due to their intensive use. Our technicians are equipped and qualified to ensure a good periodic maintenance of the chimney as well as to maintain the system in the best possible condition.

Industrial furnace ducts maintenance

Buildings, whether multi-apartment, commercial or industrial, use high power boilers which require oversized sweeping brushes. 4 Seasons Chimney Sweeping possesses a wide range of brushes, from 3 to 36 inches in diameter, allowing for a proper cleaning of all sizes of ducts.

Belvedere of Tuscany
Belvedere of Tuscany
Belvedere of Tuscany

Degreasing with high pressure jet

Cooking appliances create a greasy smoke that sticks to the duct walls. When a duct has been neglected for a long time period, the build-up cannot be removed with a simple brush. A treatment using a high power jet with an industrial degreasing product allows to eliminate the combustible grease deposit in the ducts, thus reducing fire hazards.

Carpentry and painting workshop cleaning

Carpentry and painting workshops use ducts to evacuate particles. These particles stick to the ducts’ inner walls and can cause a decrease in turbine efficiency. Preventive maintenance is an affordable solution to increase system performance.

Belvedere of Tuscany
Belvedere of Tuscany
Belvedere of Tuscany

Restaurant industry chimney venting cap installation

The chimney effect is a natural phenomenon through which a hot air current rises via positive gas pressure. In some cases, the building pressure is higher than that of the chimney, thus leading to back draft. In these particular cases, installing an Exhausto chimney cap is the most adequate solution as it mechanically forces the gas to evacuate through a turbine designed to this effect.

Launderette dryer duct maintenance

Dryers are designed to evacuate the moisture in wet clothes after washing. The drying cycle releases textile fibers residue which, due to the moisture, sticks to the inner walls of the duct. This debris is highly combustible and presents an often unknown fire hazard.